Stepping Stones Educational Therapy Center is an accredited educational center serving children with special needs as well as the typically developing child.  We are committed to the vision of our founders to educate children, challenging each child to reach his/her fullest potential academically, physically and emotionally.

Welcome to Stepping Stones Educational Therapy Center...

 In 1990, Bonnie Brown and Saralyn Fountain pursued a vision of beginning a preschool dedicated to laying a foundation for the educational needs of students with disabilities. The idea was that special needs students who had received early intervention were better able to adapt to the classroom environment interact with peers, and showed greater promise for mainstreaming into society.

Through the years, Stepping Stones has grown and adapted to the changing world and our better understanding of how to offer help to students with disabilities and their parents. In 1998, Stepping Stones expanded the preschool program to include typically developing students. The idea was that the special needs students would model behaviors of their typically developing peers and that the typical developing child would develop a better understanding and compassion for those in less fortunate circumstances.

In 2002, we opened the doors to our present location, a state of the art facility, thanks to the generous support of many community and civic minded supporters who embraced the mission of the school. Today, the Center continues to offer the preschool model of inclusion, while also offering an Academy program servicing special needs students from ages six to fourteen. We also offer an in house therapy program which includes speech therapy, physical therapy as well as occupational therapy.

Beginning in the 2013-2014 school year, Stepping Stones has partnered with the Marcus Center for Autism in Atlanta to offer an ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) program for children with Autism. We are the first private school to enter this partnership with Marcus. This ABA program is the only research based program to have proven results in improving the outcomes of students who are diagnosed with Autism.

We enter this school year with excitement as we examine ways to improve our programming and respond to the needs of our students and parents. We are the only NAEYC accredited preschool in Spalding County and are one of only two programs to be accredited by Bright from the Start, Quality Rated in the county. Every class from 6 weeks to 14 years old is taught by a college degree teacher, which makes us unique and confirms our commitment to providing the best education to our students.

We are committed to continue the vision of our founders some 23 years ago, "to educate children, challenging each child to reach his/her fullest potential academically, physically and emotionally". We invite you to visit Stepping Stones Educational Therapy Center, a place where miracles happen.


Stepping Stones Educational Therapy Center
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